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Telekinesis: Reality or Hoax?

Updated: Apr 22

Telekinesis is the ability to move or levitate objects without use of any physical methods. Sometimes people get confused with Telekinesis and psychokinesis let me clear it out, telekinesis is totally based on mind or say mental power whereas the psychokinesis is based on the psychic senses of human body. Let me brief it with some examples, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that we thought that it looks similar and you have seen it before yes we all have experienced it some or the other time in our daily routine or sometimes in dreams, sometimes we smell a particular fragrance and we find that it is familiar and thought you have smelt it before and later you find yourself imagining something that looks similar but you couldn’t remember it ,that part is blur in your mind. The psychic sense includes a particular picture of something or someone in your mind, or a familiar smell that is connected with someone in your life, or a familiar place that you have seen in your dreams or somewhere and many more. These are the psychic senses. Coming to telekinesis, in this only mind is active and rest are unconscious, the mind is emitting some waves and energy to move a particular object without any physical means is described as telekinesis.

Lots of experiments have been done from decades but the existence of telekinesis is not yet fully approved and proven. As I said earlier that if we don’t prove something that doesn’t mean it has no existence. Though not much information is available about this but we had