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AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

The term Artificial general intelligence is a part of Artificial intelligence, before diving deep into this let’s understand the meaning of artificial intelligence. The term Artificial intelligence is made up of 2 words ‘Artificial’ which means anything that is created by human beings and ‘Intelligence’ means the ability to acquire knowledge or skills, basically for a specific kind of work. The term artificial intelligence was first coined in the mid-’50s and at present-day, it had come too far. The main aim of artificial intelligence is to make life easier and adopt automation and machine learning in every aspect of life. Many big tech giants like, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Intel, IBM, etc are working on artificial intelligence to solve complex problems of computing, there are many supercomputers around the globe that are working on solving complex problems and algorithms regarding the universe, science, mathematics, cosmology, medical science, etc. Artificial intelligence is used in our day-to-day life, we all are surrounded by machines and robots and we can say that that a huge part of the industry; no matter if it is automotive, manufacturing, or any other industry, is run by automation and somewhere machine learning also plays a small yet critical role in it; so, what is machine learning? In simple words machine learning can be defined as the ability of machines or computers to do a task without any pre-programming or set of instructions, machines learn on their own and continuously corrects themselves from their previous mistakes. So, if we observe carefully, we’ll find that artificial intelligence is used in our day-to-day life like, face recognition on our smart devices, smart banking and security, digital assistance like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance, Microsoft Cortana, Netflix (uses machine learning and algorithm for your next movie suggestions), self-driving cars and many more, the list is infinite.

So, coming back to Artificial general intelligence