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Telepathy : Reality or Myth?

Updated: Apr 22

Telepathy can be described as the transmission of information from one person to another without use of any physical or the known 5 senses of human body. The term Telepathy was first termed in 1882. It’s been a very big controversy since it was known to public, numerous of experiments were done and most of the time the results were negative. So many scholars, psychologists, and many other peoples from different organisations had performed hundredths and thousands of experiments and very few had achieved success in it; but that was not enough to fully understand the existence and working of telepathy.

When researchers were not able to prove the existence and working of telepathy then public started to connect it with magic, myths and other sort of superstition. The things that we can’t prove doesn’t mean it does not exist, there are so many things in this world that are yet to discover. All the known information of everything that we have today is even less than 40% of total things that exists. Several experiments of telepathic communication were conducted and nearly 95% showed negative results; that doesn’t prove that telepathy don’t exist. Some says there is a connection between telepathy and sixth sense and it can be true because in the process of telepathy we don’t use any of the five senses; there are few similarities between telepathy and sixth sense. Both in telepathy and in sixth sense, the human brain is active and is going under some or the other chemical reaction and cells inside the brain communicate with electric pulse which results in the transmission of electrical waves or we can say “Brain Waves”.